Terms and conditions




Meaning and scope

These conditions apply to meyouride service, which is fully owned and provided by Value Plus Enterprises Limited, a company incorporated in Uganda, with the registration number 157997. Value Plus Enterprises Limited, hereby referred to as “the company” owns and operates meyouride website (www.meyouride.com).

Definition of Terms

  1. “the company” means Value Plus Enterprises Limited,
  2. “Designee” refers to any person or institution/agency legally designated to represent Value Plus Enterprises Limited
  3. “the website” refers to www.meyouride.com
  4. Conditions” means these General Conditions of using meyouride service and the website
  5. "Driver" means the person who uses the website to offer transport service to Passengers through   carsharing from one point to another, at a given time and for a specific amount of money, and the passenger pays the money for purposes of cost sharing
  6. Passenger” means a person who accepts to pay for a specific travel offered by a Driver
  7. “travel fare” or “the money ” means the specific amount of money proposed by the driver to be paid by each passenger
  8. Car Sharing” means sharing of a Motor Vehicle between a Driver and a Passenger for a specific travel where the Driver carries a Passenger for the purpose of cost sharing
  9. "Cost sharing" refers to the amount of money proposed by the Driver and payable by the Passenger as facilitation for the travel
  10. "Member" means any person (Passenger, Driver or any person) who subscribes to use the website or it’s services
  11. "Service" refers to any service provided by the website to any of its Members
  12. "Travel" means the use of a Motor vehicle to move from one point to another as proposed and agreed on the website between the Driver and the Passenger
  13. "Members Account" means an account opened by a member for accessing and using the services of the website
  14. “Login information” means any information like but not limited to passwords, used by a member in order to access the Members account on the website

Membership account

  1. For usage of the website and its services, all members must and agree to create only one member’s account and accurately provide all the required and rightful information. No member’s account shall be created on behalf of or in order to impersonate another person.
  2. Only authentic, and legally documented names shall be used for creating the member’s account and in all activities under meyouride services. No pseudo-names, nicknames, non-legally documented name or any other non-authentic name should be used on the website or its related services, and members commit to oblige. Any such contradictions is considered criminal and unacceptable.
  3. Members shall provide a valid Telephone number and email address for communication purposes. For purposes of security, Members may be asked to verify their mobile numbers and email address.
  4. Members agree and accept that all of the information whether: personal, in relation to Vehicle and Driver’s licence, in relation to any travel posted on the website  or any other information provided on the website for any purpose shall be true, accurate and complete.
  5. By displaying any information or content on this website, members and all other users expressly grant a licence to the company to display and/or keep the content of the information provided on this website, and authorises the company to use such information for any commercial purpose.
  6. Members shall take personal responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of all the information they provide on the website or in relation to the meyouride service
  7. The company and its designees shall NOT be liable to any Member,for the incompleteness, inaccuracy or distortion of any information provided by a Member or in case such informationis misleading or fraudulent in any form.
  8. All members agreeto safeguard all their information and only login to access the website using secure internet sites.
  9. All Members agree to keep secret all their login information including passwords and shall not to give to any other person/entity, or share their login information, including passwords,or any information which may be used to jeopardise, impersonate, and obtain access to a member’s account or to the website.
  10. The company and its designees shall NOT be liable to any Member, who uses an insecure internet site or who gives/shares their passwords/login information to any other person/entity in the event that such information is used to access or undertake any fraudulent or illegal  transaction/activity on a Member’s account


Limitation of scope and Prohibition of Commercial activity

  1. The website and its services are strictly limited to providing a Service for Drivers and Passengers to car share in a private capacity. The website and its services may not be used by any Driver or Passenger to offer or accept Car sharing or any Travel offers for profit or in any commercial or professional context.
  2. Drivers may not profit from any travel. The Passenger’s Cost sharing may only be used to facilitate the Travel and to aid discharge theDriver’s costs incurred for the specified Travel, and may not be used to generate any profit for the Driver. The Driver is not entitled to make profit by virtue of the money arising from: Cost sharing, the number and types of Travels offered by a Driver, the frequency of such Travels or the number of Passengers transported. This applies to all the activities, arrangements and Services booked using the website and any additional services or activities which may be agreed between Driver and Passenger.
  3. The Driver must not provide additional services to any Passenger for profit or gain (and the Passenger shall not accept or lobby/ask for any such services including but not limited to package delivery, waiting time, additional drop offs and pick-ups, and collecting additional passengers (other than the specific Passenger/s with whom the Travel was agreed).
  4. Prior to the commencement of the Travel, allstartand destinationpoints must be agreed in advance and strictly through the website. Drivers shall not collect any Passengers from any other location which has not been agreed in advancewith the Passenger through the website.
  5. No travels shall be arranged during the night hours (from 18:01 to 6:59 East African Time). All travels shall therefore be planned and executed strictly from 7:00 to 18:00 inclusive (East African Time)
  6. All departure and destination points shall be public and open places. All Members accept to observe this commitment. Any violation of this condition is considered suspicious and Members should not accept to meet in any private or any other place considered or which they deem to be suspicious or unsafe. The Company is not liable to any Member who accepts to meet another Member or any other person in a private or unsafe place, of any consequence of such meeting.
  7. In the event that any Member uses the site for purposes of making profits, such activity is prohibited and violates these Terms and Conditions, and the company is not liable in respect of any breach of any such agreement between Members resulting from such commercial activity. Members agree to be vigilant and duty bound to ensure that no Member uses the website or itsservices for commercial or profit making purposes.


Responsibilities and obligation of Drivers and Passengers


The Passenger agrees and commits that:


  1. they will  avail and present themselves in person, on time, and at the place agreed, with the specified/registered vehicle;
  2. that they will not delegate the role of driving to any other person or change the vehicle throughout the registered travel;
  3. they will keep time and immediately inform/contact all Passengers who have booked the travel, of any changes whatsoever which has an effect on the agreed Travel;
  4. In case the Driver decides to change any aspect of the Travel, the Driver shall contact all the Passengers who have booked that specific Travel to obtain an agreement with the Passengersin relation to the Travel changes
  5. they will keep their communication gadgets switched-on and accessible so that they can be contactable using the contacts which they provided in their members account during the agreed Travel
  6. they will fulfil and comply with all traffic requirements and rules in all jurisdictions where their travel will cover. In case of unexpected delays, the Driver must wait for the Passenger at the pickup point for at least 20 minutes after the agreed time. The passenger must ensure that they are punctual and arrive on time.


The Passenger agrees and commits that:

  1. they will present themselves on time and at the place agreed with the Driver
  1. that they will immediately inform the Driver if they need to cancel or change any Travel which they have booked
  2. they will keep their communication gadgets on and accessible so that they can be contactable using the contacts which they provided in their members account during any agreed Travel
  3. the Passenger agrees to wait at the pickup point for at least 20 minutes after the agreed time for the Driver to arrive
  4. that they will pay the money agreed as their Cost share for their Travel


Any member (Passenger or Driver) who fails to honour and comply with any of these Terms and Conditions, or any other Conditions of meyouride service, violates the Members’ expected ethical behaviour, and the company reserves the right to suspend or block such member from accessing the website or publishing on the Member’s online profile, as well as taking any necessary measures. The company is not liable for such Member’s violation but such a Member will personally and fully be liable for the impacts and liabilities resulting from their behaviour.


  1. Fees and Authorisations

By submitting this application,

  1. Members authorize the company (Value Plus Enterprises Ltd) to deduct a fraction of the Travel fare due to or paid by them, as fees for the Companyservices offered through meyouride website
  2. Members authorize the company to undertake any validation checks or measures necessary to verifyand or validate my driver’s license or any other document and it’s acceptability and that the Company reserves the right to allow or deny them to use meyouride services
  3. Members understand and accept that the Company reserves the express right to admit, reject or terminate membership without prior consultation at any time to any Member whenever it finds necessary
  4. Members understand and accept that no access to the site or its services is allowed unless ALL the Terms and Conditions are accepted in full. No Member is entitled to accept only part of these Terms and Conditions but its entirety.
  5. No usage of the site or it’s services is accepted for anybody below the age of 18. Members certify that they are at least 18years of age and have not falsely under-declared their age. Members also understand and accept that if they have misrepresented their age, they will be automatically disqualified and blocked from using the website and its services, if such misrepresentation is discovered.
  6. Members accept and authorise  that their personal data may be processed or availed to authorised government institutions, when necessary and duly required
  7. Members also accept to be bound by all these terms and conditions and know that this application constitutes an agreement to which they are bound, by virtue of accepting the terms and conditions or by using the website and it’s services

Membership Agreement

  1. All members agree to pay Value Plus Enterprises Ltd for their usage of the meyouride service, as well as any penalties, charges, fees, or dues as set out in this agreement or as may be revised from time to time.
  2. Value Plus Enterprises Ltd reserves the right to cancel membership and a member's contract in addition to levying penalties if such a member fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions under this Agreement.
  3. Every Member (Driver)who submits a travel plan must possess a valid driver’s licenseissued by the legally responsible agency and permitted within all the jurisdictions to be covered by the journey.The driver’s membership registration information must conform to the information on the driver’s licence. No member shall drive any locomotive or automobile under the meyouride service without having a valid driver’s licence. Any member who drives any locomotive/automobile without a valid driver’s licence commits a prosecutable offence and he/she shall take full responsibility for their action or negligence and any results from it.


Change of Terms, Conditions or Service

  1. The company reserves the right to amend: the terms and conditions of this agreement, the payable fees, rates, the pay structure, the website appearance and structure and membership agreement from time to time as it may find necessary, without prior notice or consultation of the Members.
  2. Any change or modification of the website, the services or Terms and Conditions will take effect as soon as such changes are published on the website.
  3. All members agree to read, check and understand the applicable terms and conditions under the service every time they login or use the site and its service, while bearing in mind that the terms and condition are subject to change.
  4. Members will be deemed to have accepted any changes or varied Terms and Conditions if they use any website or the Services offered through the website following publication of the changes or the varied Terms and Conditions.
  5. Changes or varied terms and conditions will not apply to any transactionsundertaken prior to publication of suchchanges.


Safety and security

  1. meyouride simply offers a connection service between the Driver and Passenger and is not a party to any other transaction or activity to which the members may engage thereafter. Every member shall undertake due diligence and care, and shall bare personal responsibility for their own actions or omission and the results that may arise thereafter
  2. It is the responsibility of every member to safeguard and watch out for their personal safety. All members (Passengers) shall carefully inspect the vehicle availed by the Driver to be used for the travel and ensure that they are safe and take all possible precautionary measures necessary to ensure their safety. Any suspicious activity or illegal behaviour from the driver or a passenger should immediately be reported to Police or any other relevant agency.
  3. All members must behave responsibly, and any antisocial or quire behaviour should be reported to the company, or any other government agency, as well as on the members profile
  4. Members acknowledge that they fully understand that each member involved in a car Travel engages in an activity that involvesrisk of accidents, which may cause serious injury, including permanent disability and death, and severe social and economic losses which might result not only from their own actions, inactions or negligence, but the action, inaction or negligence of others. All members involved in any Travel shall therefore take responsibility and act as watch guards for Drivers who do risky activities like over speeding, lack of respect for traffic laws and ensure that their Travel is executed in the safest way.
  5. Members shall assume all the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for the damages following such injury, permanent disability or death.



  1. The Driver agrees that prior to proposing any Travel, they will procure and maintain a valid insurance policy which covers the risks of the Third Parties and that such insurances shall cover the entire jurisdictions/territories to be covered by the Travel, registered on the website.
  2. The Driver agrees that if requested by the Passenger, shall provide the Passenger with evidence of Insurance in advance of the Trip, as a measure of proving the validity of insurance policy that covers the Travel. The Passenger is therefore entitled to request for any evidence of the insurance cover, the car log book, the driving licence, to facilitate their verification and in order to ascertain the safety and suitability of the Vehicle and the Driver, before the commencement of the Travel.
  3. It is the duty of both the Driver and Passenger to confirm to each other that the Travel is covered by a valid insurance. The Driver must confirm that their insurance policy allows them to carry passengers and that their insurance policy covers all Passengers and any accident or incident which may occur during the Travel. The company will not be liable for any omission or commission and losses that may result from such omissions or commissions.
  4. The Driver and the Passenger are aware that some standard non-commercial insurance policies may refuse to cover loss or damage arising in the event that the Driver had made or was seeking to make a profit.
  5. The Driver therefore undertakes to calculate their fees and expenses like fuel, parking, toll, maintenance, repairs, depreciation, insurance of the Travel vehicle or any other applicable fees, and guarantees that the total Cost share requested from their Passengers does not result in any profits.
  6. In case the driver underestimates the fees and expenses to be incurred during the Travel or any claim arising from the Travel, the Driver will be responsible for the financial consequences, losses and damages arising and the company will not be liable under any circumstances to the Driver or the Passenger

 Legal jurisdiction and Prohibitions

  1. These terms shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Uganda and any disputes arising in relation to these terms shall be subject to and limited to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Uganda.
  2. Value Plus Enterprises Limited (the company) is not a party to any agreement between a Driver and Passenger and will not be liable to either party.
  3. No publishing of any information or materials considered defamatory, misleading or with offensive content or any content which infringes any other persons’right is permitted on this website. The company reserves the express right to withdraw membership, delete the member’s account and remove any material, considered by any member or any other person to infringe on other people’s rights, without any prior consultation. The company is not liable for any damages or answerable for any legal measures that may arise from such information. Such member or person will be fully and personally liable for any damages or other liabilities arising from such content and agrees to indemnify the company inrelation to any liability they may suffer as a result of any such content.


Liability and Indemnity

  1. All Members release, waive, discharge and undertake covenant not to sue VALUE PLUS ENTERPRISES LIMITED, its administrators, directors, agents, or other employees, all of whom are hereinafter referred to as "releasees", from any and all liability to the undersigned, his or her heirs and next of kin for any and all claims, demands, losses or damages on account of injury, including death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or part by negligence of the release, other Members or otherwise.
  2. All Members agree to indemnify VALUE PLUS ENTERPRISES LIMITED,its directors, officials, agents, boards, commissions and employees, to the fullest extent available under the law for any suit brought against VALUE PLUS ENTERPRISES LIMITED, its administrators, directors, agents, and other employees; and other participants, sponsoring agencies, and sponsors, from any and all liability arising in any way from the member’s role as a participant in CARSHARING for any demands, losses or damages on account of injury, including death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or part by negligence of VALUE PLUS ENTERPRISES LIMITED, its administrators, directors, agents, and other employees; and other participants, sponsoring agencies, and sponsors.

By completing this application and signing below, I (the Member) agrees and accepts all the Terms and Conditions under meyouride service, and I consciously acknowledge that the informationI provided for meyouridemembership application is true, complete and correct in all respects, and I authorize Value Plus Enterprises Ltd and/or its designees to proceed electronically or manually and to check/verify such information including, without limitation, my driving license validity status. I further authorize Value Plus Enterprises Ltd to charge to the credit/debit card or through Mobile money, in respect of my application form or services offered and any fees, penalties, and other charges due hereunder.