About us




Making your journey memorable, happier and cheaper is our commitment. We use the power of modern technology to give you exceptional travel connection service and experience from wherever you are. We know that there are private cars driven for long distances, with empty seats, making travel costs high and under-utilising such cars' capacities but also losing money, yet there are so many travellers along the same direction, at the same time but they don't have a link with each other. Meyouride solves this problem for you. We conveniently connect the private car owner and traveller together, to share the travel cost so that they travel for less, using safe and modern technology. With us, your journey is an experience we are determined to make exciting. So do you want to: stop losing money and reduce your travel expenditure, make money as you ride your private car,  turn your journeys into a social experience, meet new people? Whatever the reason, let us enable you to save money and reduce your travel cost, reduce car congestion on the roads by increasing car-occupancy and get more than value from your money spent, while saving the planet by reducing car emissions of greenhouse carbon dioxide and other gases.